Westhab and The Westchester Bank—A Community Partnership That Works for Westchester

Filming a TV Commercial With The Westchester Bank

If you live in Westchester, you have probably heard of The Westchester Bank (TWB.) They are our local bank, with six branches throughout the county. And, if you’ve seen their ads on television or in local publications, you’ve seen TWB’s President and CEO, John Tolomer. But you might not be aware of everything that John and TWB bring to the county or their deep commitment to our nonprofit community. I see John at events nearly every week, supporting the community that he calls home. So when John asked about featuring Westhab in an upcoming commercial, I jumped at the opportunity.  

Westhab has a longstanding relationship with TWB, and I have experienced first-hand the value of a local community bank that is willing to be flexible to meet our needs, and to do so with a personal touch. It’s been a true partnership and has helped tremendously as Westhab has evolved and grown in recent years.

We did the shoot at Ludlow Commons, Westhab’s new 71-unit affordable senior residence in Yonkers. It’s funny how they boil an hour of interviewing down to a few seconds, but Westhab’s commitment to our mission and our affinity for the bank come through. In fact, we didn’t have to do any fake laughing for the piece because John told stories and jokes the entire time, keeping things fun. I returned to the office after the shoot forgetting they had powdered my face and worked the rest of the day in make-up. I think I’ll make that a one-time thing.

Check out the commercial below!

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