The Long Way Home

Born in Yonkers 71 years ago, Mr. Jones doesn’t play the lottery. His number already came up once, so he doesn’t like the odds of that happening again. Unfortunately, the winning prize the one time he played was a trip to Vietnam. His time overseas was a nightmare, and he was welcomed back with indifference […]

It’s a Done Deal! Westhab Purchases 5 Hudson Street

Westhab is now the proud owner of 5 Hudson Street (the Windham) in downtown Yonkers, a site where we have been providing affordable housing and much-needed services to our neighbors since 1984. Congratulations are in order for 33-year-Westhab-veteran Ken Belfer, who spearheaded the acquisition, and who has been with us from (almost) the beginning. Not […]

Westhab’s 2020 Virtual Celebration—The show must go on!

On May 5, in lieu of our traditional Inaugural Celebration Dinner, Westhab hosted the 2020 Virtual Celebration. Despite not being in the same room, we really felt the love of our incredible community partners and supporters. Over $240,000 was raised to help Westhab deliver for the people and communities that rely on our services. We […]

Leading from the front—Valerie C. Smith

I sat down with Valerie C. Smith a few short days ago to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic was affecting the vulnerable people Westhab serves and how our front-line staff are rising to meet this unprecedented challenge. After several days working from home, the conversation feels like it was a lifetime ago. But Ms. […]

2020 Celebration Dinner Update

The Westhab family will no longer be able to gather in person on May 5th for our 2020 Building Communities. Changing Lives. Celebration Dinner. Instead, we will host a virtual event where we will pay homage to our honorees, recognize our generous supporters, and celebrate our impact. Our primary concern right now is the health […]

Join Us at Our 2020 Celebration Dinner

We hope you will join us at our 2020 Celebration Dinner on Tuesday, May 5, at the Brae Burn Country Club in Purchase, New York to help us celebrate Building Communities and Changing Lives in Westchester County and beyond. We are fortunate to have four tremendous and deserving honorees for the celebration. We will be […]